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The Modern Art Museum

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The Modern Art Museum

by Lucia Alvarado


Over the summer, I went to the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth (http://www.themodern.org/). It is a marvelous place that I enjoyed very much. The Modern Art Museum was designed by the Japanese architect Tadao Ando. The museum is part of the Cultural District in Fort Worth and its architecture is very impressive plus the art collection is very interesting.The Modern Art Museum is located on 3200 Darnell Street, Fort Worth TX, 76107. It's across the street from the Kimbell Art Museum and near that is the Amon Carter Museum as well as the Botanic Garden. After, I finished the tour from the Modern Museum; I checked other museums for my next visit, so the next time my  tour will be very convenient. There are expanded parking lots and easy access to other types of transportation.The architecture of the Modern Museum seems simple because the designer included natural resources. Tadao Ando combined elements like water, light, clear glass, and plain concrete to design the museum. The roof of the building is made of concrete and the structure has plain concrete walls. The concrete walls and columns enhance the building, for intance, the walls are perfect for the modern art paintings and photos. Also, the very tall and strong columns hold up the roof and at the same time resemble as  rustic decorations. In addition, it’s high walls made of transparent glass framed in metal, are ideal to use in the natural light. The museum has two very spacious levels for the easy transit of people. The building is surrounded by water, setting on a large open landscape, and outdoors has some sculptures. The museum looks impressive at night, more bright than a normal building. The reflection in the water of the museum appears like a big light house floating on the water. Its modernism attracts the attention of its visitors. There is a sculpture of a horse  outside of the museum made of tree stems. Futhermore, the Art collection is modern and internationally contemporary,it also consist of more than 2, 600 important works.  Each one piece of work is very interesting because, through the gallery you can be able to appreciate paintings, photography, sculptures etc., as well as world wide well recognized artists like for example, Pablo Picasso. In order to present temporary exhibitions sometimes they have to temporarily remove some of the art collection. I enjoyed the permanent display of art as much as the traveling exhibitions that they offered. When I went to the museum, they had the Ron Mueck exhibition. The realism of his sculptures are astonishing. Ron Mueck makes sculptures of real people. Everyone that comes to Dallas Fort worth should visit The Modern Art Museum, you will not be disappointed. You will be impressed by the uniqueness of its structure and art display. Even though Washington D.C. has very impressive museums, the building of The Modern Art  museum is not less impressive. The building is a work of art itself so anyone will enjoy its beauty. (http://www.themodern.org/).


Dr Weasenforth:

1. Good start!  Good choice!  This museum is one that DFW can be truly proud of.

2. You need to discuss your personal experience.  What did you see and what did you think of it?

3. Proofread for: c/p, ro, frag (You need to control basic sentence structure.)


Comments (2)

Anonymous said

at 2:56 am on Oct 24, 2007

You describe the museum well. I like your photo of the horse very much. Do you have a photo of a work by Ron Mueck? That would be interesting.

Anonymous said

at 7:26 am on Oct 26, 2007

I found the assay very interesting and i would keep in mind if i ever get a chance to visit this place. In my opinion you need to break the assay in to paragraph. It will make the writing better.

What is your personal experience, what did you liked the most when vistiting the museum?

I love the graphic. I would like to know what is the graphic made of?

The assay needs to have more words that make the reader keep reading. For example, say something about the museum that is inique that maybe no other museum has.

I am pretty sure that you will get the better grade in class. I liked your work. Good work.

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