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By  Maribel  Alvarez


     Are  you  looking  for  family  entertainment?  Well,  I  strongly  suggest  the  state-of-the  art  Dallas IMAX Theater  and  the  Dallas  Museum  of  Nature  and  Science.  This place  is  so  special  in  Dallas.  Its  history  as  well  as  its  educational  films,  will  make  of  your  visit  an  unforgetable  experience.

     The  TI  IMAX  theater  is  located  at  the  Fair  Park  in  Dallas,  wich  is  wellknown  here  in  the  Dallas-metroplex  because  it  is  Dallas'  largest  cutural  center.  It  has  nearly  300  acres  of  museums.  It  hosts  a  wide  variety  of  events  including  the  largest  state fair  of  the  nation.  The  IMAX  theater  was  named  after  the  Texas  Instruments  foundation,  one  of  the primary  donors  to  the  project.  The  building  was  donated  to  the  city  of  Dallas  upon  completion  and  it  was  first  open  to  the  public  on June,  15  1996.  It  is  a  collection  of  architectural  and  cinematic  spectacle.  According to  their webpage,"The  entrance  to  the  theater  is  in  between  two  "floting staircases,"  rising  above  a  black  terrazzo  rendering  of  the  solar  sistem  displayed  throughout  the  theater  lobby."

     The  TI  IMAX  theater  is  not  like  any  other  IMAX  theater  in  the  city.  This  theater  is  very  distinctive  because  is  associated  with  the science  museum  of  nature.  Besides  featuring  science  films,  this  theater  works  as  a  planetarium  too.  A  79-foot  domed  screen  will completely  sorround  you.  The  colors  are  more  bright,  so  clear  they  seem  real.  The  sound  system  is  outstanding,  it  totals  twenty-two thousand  watts of  optimum  power.  The  seats  were  scientifically  disigned  to  have  the finest  view  of  the  79-foot  domed  overhead.  Unlike  other  IMAX theaters,  this  one  displays  educational  films  only about  medecine,  nature,  phisics,  inventions  and  discoveries.  They  say,  "  Our  mission  is  to immerse  audiences  in  films  that  inspire  and  educate."  Anyone  atracted  by  scientific  learning  could  enjoy  a  great  expirience  in this place.                                                                                                                         

      I  have  visited  other  IMAX  theaters,  but  my  visit  to  this  one  was  a  very  memorable  experience.  Unlike  other  IMax theaters  the  screen  is  not  squered,  it  is  a  79-foot  round  curved  roof  which  makes  you  feel  you  actually  are  in  the  movie.  In  other IMAX  theaters    you  need  3D  glasses  to  watch  movies.  In  contrast,  TI  IMAX  theater  films  are  all  3D,  you  don't  need  3D  glasses  at  all.  In  this  theater  you  can search  into  outer  space,  the  ocean  or  the  inside  of  an  active  volcano.  You  can  even  eximine  the  inside  of  the  human  body  and have the  impression  that  you  are  in  somebody  elses  body.  When  they  show  views  of  the  city  of  Dallas,  It  gives  you  a  flying  feeling,suddenly  you  will  find  yourself  flying  over  the  city  of  Dallas  as  if  you  were  on  a  helicopter  viewing  the  tall  buildings  and  the  most  popular  places  the  city  has.

        The  first  time  I  visited  the  theater  I  invited  a  friend  for  his  bithday.  It  was  also  the  first  time  he  was  there.  We  bought  what  they  call  the  combo  ticket  which  includes  the  IMAX-movie  plus  a  visit  to  explore  the  Museum  of  Nature  and  Science. There  were  a lot  of  people  of  all  ages,  families,  couples,  some  of  them  were  teachers  with  students  on  a  field  trip. That  month  they  were  playing  a  movie  called  " To  the  Limit"  which  was  about  what  happens  when  a  human  body  is  put  to  the  limit.  We  encountered  a  trip  into  the  human  body,  and  learned  how  our  internal  organs  work  and  react  when  we  are  in  trouble  or  when  we  have  to  respond  quickly  to  a  critical  situation.  Besides  learning  about  all  this,  it  was  so  fun  to  feel  as  if  we  were  in  all  the  places  we  were  viewing.  After  the  movie  we  crossed  the  hall  to  the  Museum  of  Nature  and  Science  where  we  learned  more  about  the  human  body  among  other  scientific  exibits.  We  had  a  wonderful day which  we will never forget.                                         

       I  can't  wait  to  go  back  again;  now  they  are  featuring  Sharks,  wow!  That  would  be  a  great  expirience!  If  you  ever  come  to  Dallas  don't  miss  this  unique  place.  You  will  not  only  be  intertained,  but  also  will  be  scientifically  educated.  It will  be  a  great  opportunity  to  see  why  this  place  is  a  great  piece  of  art  in  the  Dallas area.




Dr. Weasenforth:

1. See my comments for help with developing your ideas.

2. You don't discuss your personal experience much.  What film did you see?  Why did it impress you, your kids, etc.?

3. Why not include a link to the theatre's home page?

4. Proofread for: p, sp, #, it-omission, wc, sc


Comments (4)

Anonymous said

at 10:45 am on Oct 27, 2007

I like your eassay, but it was not much impressive. you missed some details like social. Infect as your instructor said that you didnt tell us about the impression of a movie on you or other people. Infect you need to organize little bit more. Even I found spelling mistakes somewhere. you need to correct those. I didnt find any graphics. But one thing I'll tell you I never been to Dallas but by reading your eassay, you make me to come Dallas. Anyways still it was a good eassay I like it. But still you have to work on it.

Anonymous said

at 11:35 am on Oct 28, 2007

You are very enthusiastic and this really adds to your essay. But I didn't understand some parts of your essay. For example, what are the floating staircases? I cannot imagine them. Make sure you do a spellcheck.

Anonymous said

at 4:23 am on Oct 31, 2007

Hi! Marible, your essay is better than before. especially i like that part where you decribed its enterance. but still you didn't give us any social details. infect still i found some spelling mistakes, somewhere you have to give space between some words. what do you mean by floating staircase is that a escalator. if its not let me know what it is?

Anonymous said

at 2:01 am on Nov 7, 2007

Hi! Marible, your eassay is really impressive now. but still i found some spelling mistakes. i like the details that you gave us in your essay. but you didn't tell us why this place is unique for you?

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