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Nasher Sculpture Museum and Gardens

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The Nasher Museum and Gardens

by Marilyn Guzman
One of the most interesting museums located in the Dallas Forth Worth area is the Nasher Sculpture Museum and Garden. Among its many features the Nasher Sculpture Museum and Garden offers numerous rich artistic experiences. Which include sculptures, paintings, yoga classes and amphitheater. At the end of your experience there is a relaxing room were you can gather and absorb all the information. The Nasher Sculpture Museum and Gardens is a great source of conversation and stimulation for the mind. 
The Nasher Sculpture Museum and Garden was opened to the public in October 2003. The philanthropist Raymond Nasher was a lover of the arts who; along with his wife collected vast pieces of art. Some of the artist whose work is on display includes, Picasso, Matisse, Moore and Jean Arp. Among some of the pieces on display include Picasso's "The Studio", Matisse's "Study of a Foot" and Henry Moore's “Time Life Screen". The Boston native chose Dallas because is his wife’s hometown. So naturally Mr. Nasher decided to open all his future endeavors in Dallas, which included the Nasher Museum. Because of this Mr. Nasher brought art and culture to Dallas, something he felt was lacking in Texas. The Nasher Sculpture Museum and Gardens is intended to promote and preserve the love of sculpture.
The perfect combination of art and nature is located in the open garden. The open garden is perfect for relaxation and conversation. The huge garden features over 25 large-scale sculptures surrounded by 170 trees.  The most interesting feature of the Nasher Sculpture Museum and Garden is the "Sky Space." The vision of art and nature existing as one is achieved at the Nasher Sculpture Museum and Gardens.
The building has two levels of collected art pieces from around the world. The building itself is an artistic achievement. Once inside the building the visitor can see three rooms full of amazing sculptures. On the second floor the visitor can appreciate light sensitive sculptures and works in other mediums but the main attraction of the second floor is the indoor auditorium. The indoor auditorium is where they show films but naturally the sculptures remain the overall main attraction.
The exhibition taking place right now is Woman: the art of Gaston Lachaise. The features include over forty sculptures. The upcoming exhibit is going to feature the female form. The exhibit was created by Gaston Lachaise. This exhibit is a perfect example of the diverse experience you will encounter at the Nasher Sculpture Museum and Gardens. The art work on display in the Nasher ranges from the twenty century to modern day allowing the visitor to find something he or she can admire.
I have visited the Nasher Museum and Gardens numerous times and I have to say that my favorite sculpture is "Walk to the sky" by Jonathan Borofsky. The sculpture soars a hundred+ feet towards the sky. The piece is interesting to me because it is so unexpected. It shows seven people walking on a pole. I remember talking to my friends about this piece for hours. This is what the museum provides, great conversation and creative thinking.  So if you ever get a chance to come to Texas make sure you check out the Nasher Sculpture Museum and Gardens, because Raymond Nasher would have welcomed you with open arms.

















































Comments (2)

Anonymous said

at 9:46 am on Oct 26, 2007

You provided some good physical descriptions in this essay, for example: The Nasher Sculpture Museum and Garden is the “sky space”. And you mentioned the main attraction was the indoor auditorium. You mentioned these places really attract me. If you can be a bit more specific them, that would be fine. Moreover, I think that you should have descriptive transitions when you describe physical environment.

Anonymous said

at 11:49 am on Oct 28, 2007

A lot of your essay sounds like a guide book. I want to hear about *your* personal experience and *your* personal reaction to this place.
What do you mean by "the Nasher Sculpture Museum and Gardens is a great source of conversation and stimulation for the mind"?

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