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Perpectives on Dallas/Fort Worth


This wiki is designed for students in ESLW0315.S70 (Fall 2007) at Collin County Community College.  We hope that you enjoy these essays about various sites in one of the fastest growing cities in the US. 


Check the companion site for Northern Virginia Community College students' essays about sites in Washington, DC.  You'll find the DC site at http://wikidc.pbwiki.com/



You may also be interested in the following sites, which provide more information about the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex:








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Comments (1)

Anonymous said

at 9:27 am on Oct 27, 2007

Hi Leslie:
I'd never been in Dallas, Texas but after I read your work; I am considering to visit your city next summer. These are my comments:

1- As you wrote,Deep Ellum it is a place of history, entertainment, art and music. The place talks by itself and you missed the opportunity to grab reader's attention at the begining. It was't interesting at all because I couldn't feel personal connection in your essay. I like to suggest to you to write a nice lead sentence and after that could be helpful if you define what is Deep Ellum and where is located. For leading sentence you can use something to grabbed your atention when you visit the place at very first time. I liked your comments about your initial thoughts before visit the place. If you describe the place, people, your thougths and feeling your essay will be terrific!.

2- Your description essay was sligthly off about organization. However I'd liked you conclusion. Over all, you should elaborate a lead idea and main idea in your introduction. I missed you thesis. It will be an asset if you describe more the place but in a personal way.

3- First at all, it was not clear for me what was Deep Ellum. Is it a place? A city? An old cotton factory? Are those a modern buildings or very old? I did not understand the fact to eliminate 2400 block of Elm. Is it important?. At the end you mentioned that there are a lot of clubs but you dindn't defined Deep Ellum.

4- The photo helped me to infer that there is art in that place. By the way, it looks interesting for me but it wasn't clear if that is at the main entrance? Was it a piece of art in one of the art galleries?

5- About your social enviroment, it will be helpful if you describe the people whom visit the place. Are there young mostly? Is it the place for "night life people"? Are there families as visitors? Is Deep Allen for everybody, including olders?

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