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Deep Ellum

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Deep Ellum

(Alina Ionova)

Do you like good restaurants and night clubs?  If you are interested in a good food, you enjoys walking after dinner, and you have a desire to go to night club the best place for that would be Deep Ellum in Dallas. Deep Ellum  is one of the interesting places in terms of history, importance for Dallas/ Fort Worth, and modern Dallas.

Deep Ellum ("Deep Elm Street") is an entertainment district which is located near downtown Dallas. It has one hundred twenty-four years of history, and it got its start in 1883 when Robert Munger built his first factory,. In 1913, Henry Ford opened Southwestern Ford Assembly Plant in Deep Ellum to supplement the manufacture of Model Ts at his Detroit plant. By the 1920s, the Deep Ellum area had become a retail and entertainment center because anything could be bought in the stores in Deep Ellum: new and used merchandise like furniture, clothing, shoes, and jewelry. Starting in 1920, Deep Ellum became a national center for jazz and blues artists. An important part of business was entertainment, and many famous blues and jazz musicians played in the neighborhood at that time, like Blind Lemon Jefferson and Sam Hopkins. By 1950, twenty nightclubs and restaurants were open in Deep Ellum.

Deep Ellum is very important to Dallas/ Fort Worth because it is defined as the entertainment district with rich cultural heritage of a national center for jazz and blues.  Deep Ellum is a very interesting place with various opportunities and growing population. People, especially like youth, prefer to move in and live in downtown where they can walk to Deep Ellum. It is a good place to live and visit, and a nice place to eat. There is a big choice of different restaurants and different types of food, like seafood and steaks, sushi bars, Vietnamese, Greek and Italian food. Deep Ellum is also sn unique place because it has art galleries and art places which you can see on the walls of the buildings, a live music in the clubs and theatres.

 Deep Ellum today is an entertainment part of downtown. There are a lot of interesting places for young people like nightclubs and bars. Deep Ellum hasapproximately fifty-seven of them, like Trees, Club Dada, Gypsy Tea Room, The Kage, Door Club, Galaxy Club, Liquid Lounge & Curtain Club, etc. Deep Ellum it is not a mall, it is a street where people can buy different and unique types of clothing, antiques, crafts, art works today. That place is very popular if people want to get a tattoo. Also, Deep Ellum is known as a district with parades and art festivals, like Deep Ellum Arts Festival - a street festival with crafts, food and live music, Annual Women Rockin'4 Women Festival.

 If you will have ever decided to visit Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas, you defiinitely should visit Deep Ellum. Don’t miss this opportunity because you can not find any where else a place like Deep Ellum, with blues and jazz history and in the same time an entertainment center!









Comments (2)

Anonymous said

at 2:48 am on Oct 24, 2007

Deep Ellum is an interesting name. Where did the name come from? And I am not sure what Deep Ellum itself is. Is it a neighborhood in Dallas? Or is it a kind of mall?

Anonymous said

at 3:05 am on Oct 27, 2007

1. This essay has potential. The major problem is that you do not develop your ideas sufficiently. For instance try to extend the descriptions of the places you are describing. Remember it is a descriptive essay!
2. You need to include a better hook ( introduction). Maybe try to come up with an introduction that will catch the attention of the reader. You need/must include transitional words if you want to have a well organized essay.
3. In your word what is Deep Ellum? I had trouble to figure out!can you tell me more? You made some grammar mistakes!
4. Try to put more pictures!! where we can see you in the center!
5. In the beginning, the change that you can make is to write “ Deep Ellum is one of the most interesting places in term of history . Furthermore, I would like to discuss about all of the terms mentioned in my essay.

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