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Deep Ellum Dallas,TX

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Deep Ellum

by Leslie Palma


  Starting in the year of 1884, when Robert S. Munger built the first cotton factory in Deep Ellum, until today, Deep Ellum has been a place full of history and entertainment.throw the pass of the years Deep Ellum have develop in many ways, like the Art,urban life,and historie.In the year of 1913 Henrrie Ford opened a regional assembly plant that helped in the growth of Deep Ellum, 1920 Huddie Leadbelly began performing in 1930 Deep Ellum became Mecca for Jazz. From the years of 1940 until 1950, Deep Ellum became to decline very badly because of the Dallas suburbs,this meaning thar all the people living in Deep Ellum moved outside of the bigDeep Ellum, since people were looking for more calm places they moved to cities like mckiney, garland,and richardson, but in the year of 1969 the Central Expressway eliminated the 2400 block of Elm, and gave a change to Deep Ellum becoming the center of the community. Night clubs and Art galleries started to renovate the vacant buildings starting in the 1983, and rapidly by the year of 1991 popular nightspot for young urban began to grow with 57 bars and night clubs, clothing, craft and art works.



     With restaurants as Blind Lemon, Deep Ellum Deli, Deep Sushi and angry dog, you will find the taste of everything,at angry dog you can find the best hot dogs for a few dollars, well Deep Ellum has a little bit of everything for every taste; Deep Ellum is also full of night clubs for all ages as Gypsy Tea Room, The Kage, Club Dada, and Galaxy Club.many of this clubs offer concerts and art expositions, I went to see a bad named genitalica, it was amazing I will never forget that experience,also my friend has a band and the play almost every saturday at The Door club, they play very good, so if you come to Dallas you have to go see them. Deep Ellum is a place for young and old people that wants to party and get out of the routine.


    Living in Deep Ellum can be very hard for people thats looking for a calm place, you have the urban and the art right next to your door, the apartments are relly nice and big, since people have change most of Deep Ellum, it is getting more and more nice,since Deep Ellum is a couple of blocks down, it makes it easy to get to work, or everything.


      The Art develop in Deep Ellum is mostly graffiti or art expositions, there is a tunel that has graffities of every kind, it has some really good drawings of women and life images. Did you know that graffiti is illegal like in most of united state!!!!


     So… tell me how fantastic do you think Deep Ellum is? I can tell you that there are new corners that only you can find with your own eyes and be surprised, I thought that Deep Ellum was only about cubs, but looking into it I found some really nice things, there are also events and art shows very often for everybody to enjoy.


     If you like art and urban life I hardly recommend you to visit Deep Ellum.







Comments (2)

Anonymous said

at 2:51 am on Oct 24, 2007

Was Deep Ellum a town? A suburb? I can't imagine what it looks like. Is it a neighborhood? Do people live in Deep Ellum or is it only a commercial and artistic center? Is it a busy place?

Anonymous said

at 9:59 am on Oct 27, 2007

Hi Leslie:
These are my comments:

1- The place looks interesting for everybody but you missed the opportunity to grab reader's attention. At the begining, history probably is not good idea. A leading sentence and developing a main idea and thesis in the introduction can improve your essay. For example, if you say: " There is no better place in Dallas than Deep Ellum if you want to open your mind and your soul". I didn't feel personal connection in your essay. If you do will be terrific!
2- Organization will be better if you clarify the main idea about description and social enviroment. For example, at this moment I don't know what is Deep Ellum. You should define it in the introduction and after that, in the next paragraph, describe it but in personal way. I liked your conclusion because you expressed your thoughts.
3- First at all, please define the place. Also, it wasn't clear for me the historic fact "to eliminate 2400 block of Elm".
4- The photo was nice to infer that there are a lot of art in Deep Ellum. However, it is not clear if that it a symbol or if it is at the main entrance.
5- I think if you add in your essay your personal points of view as thougths, feeling, personal experiences will be great. I am interesting to know what kind of people visit the place. Is it for all ages?. Is is for "night style people" mostly?.


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