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Dallas Zoo Rezvan

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The Dallas Zoo

by Rezvan


    The Dallas Zoo is a great place to visit. There are so many things to see and to do; visitors should plan to spend  an   entire day. The Zoo is located at 650 South R.L. Thornton,  Dallas TX 75203,and it's hours are from 9am to 5pm daily, ticket prices are $8.75 for adults and $5.75 for children, according to the Dallas Zoo's web site, www.Dallaszoo.com. Three of the most intresing things about the Zoo are its children Zoo,its wilde wildes of Africa exhibits, and Zoo north.



Children Zoo include of Discovery House,Kresge Foundation farm, and the Katheriane and allen levy Tot spot. Discovery House is one of thing that I want to explain. Where can we see a huge old oak tree growing inside a house?Yes, the indoo tree at Discovery House reaches though the roof.The children can play games, have fun with crafts and discover the world of animals.At the Kresge Foundation farm, children can pet and feed the goat and pigs,and learn about rabbits and guine  pigs.At the Katherine andAllen Levy Tot Spot. Let the little ones climb, slide and play in a safe carrel with activities just for them.


At the Wilds Of Africa  Monorail Safariwe feel like we are on safari gliding through each of the zoo's six African habitats.The six African habitats,ranging from river, Desert, and Woodland, Mountain, Bush and Forest.The one mile,20 minutes guided tour operates seasonally.On the  Natura trail wander at  our own pace along the beautiful forest path for an up close look at comical meerkest on the look out for danger, rare okapi, rock hyrax klipspringer, and more of the zoo's featured attritions.Zoo North. Large Mammals. Huge favorites with zoo visitors, come see how many spots we can spot on the reticulated giraffes, and watch how the African elephant, use third trunks like fingers.Primates from around the world.Six naturalistic exhibits house monkeys and lesser apes including colobus and mona monkeys from Africa;Titi,Saki and spider monkeys frome South America;and Gibbons and langurs from aoutheast Asia


Finally, I would say to people who come to Dallas should go to visit the Dallas zoo for see the monorail safari that I didn’t see in other state because you can get on a monorail safari and going throu the animals that they free and look at them on the tope .Allso in Dalla zoo, which was home to the world's oldest giraffe until it passed away on sept.11,2007, has much to offer for animal lovers and those looking for a pleasant way to spend a day When I first came to America, the Dallas Zoo was one of the places I visited.That was almost two years ago.I have forgotten some the details, but I will always remember that day was suny day and alot of people were there.for me the monorail saferi was interesing.The animals was free and doing exaiting.



Comments (2)

Anonymous said

at 11:17 am on Oct 27, 2007

Hi, Dear;
I read your essay. It was interesting, but I think you must do
some changes and some more dateless. Like you talked about giraffe but later on you said it's recently dead. I think it's doesn't make sense. The second one, if you visited the zoo how you don't talked about your personal experience. The last thing you must check your spelling and grammar errors.

Anonymous said

at 11:25 am on Oct 28, 2007

I think you should eliminate the part about the dead giraffe. It is no longer relevant. The Children's Zoo is interesting as is the safari. Try to focus on correcting your language because the errors detract from the meaning. You have some good material but you need to make your ideas clearer. Also try to be more personal. How do you feel about your zoo experience?

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